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stream more than anything else. it really have a tax to make sure that we are still getting something out of you even if you try to say i'm healthy, i'm fine, i'm opting out of it if you start to see those little chinks in the armor, that can cause this not to be successful in the long run. let me mention a pinch in the other part of it. people are going to get subsidies and tax breaks. that's another pinch on the system. i hear republicans talking all the time about the computer and how bad the computer is i'm willing to assume it's going to be up and working on november 30th. i have a longer look at this how are we going to finance it. waivers, exemptions, subsidies and young people who aren't going to do. this i'm curious really where the money comes from. >> that's where harry reid is already talking about tax increases because you know we have to go back to the table, come the 15th of january, and then also the 7th of february, dealing with funding the forecast with the cr and then also with the debt ceiling. and you hear harry reid saying that everyone in the united states of americ
that americans get affordable care without all these regulations, mandates, taxes and there are ways that we can do it. what we are seeing with this healthcare law and so much attention is to the web site. the web site is really just the tip of the iceberg, there are big problems coming with this, greta. >> should secretary sebelius step down or get fired. >> the president gets to make that decision. >> what do you think. >> i have called for her resignation. i think when jon stuart and "saturday night live" are making fun of the job that you are doing and the web site, what that speaks to is the fact that young americans are laughing at the secretary and the web site. these are the people that the president is trying to coerce into buying insurance that is more expensive and more insurance that they want or need and in many cases can afford. that's the only way that you pay for the insurance for these older, sicker indivi younger people buy it. >> at this point though what would be achieved by that if she were, you know, if the president said you have got to go or she decided to go. what would
. which means that the premium must be paid, except that it will be paid in the form of taxes; so the tax burden. >> where is that going to happen? because the house isn't going to want a tax increase. >> exactly. but here is how the plan works though. if, in fact, there is a plan that costs $3 trillion, and that plan goes to $4 trillion and you cannot find that money from premiums, then it's going to be embedded in some form of more taxes. >> senator, i apologize. i must interrupt for one second. >>> this is a fox news alert. shepard smith is in the fox news deck with breaking news. >> update coming from police on deadly shooting that happened los angeles international airport. >> something like this how we respond. ask how we respond to moments like this in the line of fire and in our recovery. it is a tremendous testament that today, a day that started with horrific attacks is now ending with los angeles international airport beginning with reopen. this morning a gunman opened fire in lax's terminal 3, killing a tsa agent. the first to die in the line of duty and shooting two other peo
no money to lend and uses that to fund this thing. he said he would never raise taxes on anybody who made less than $250,000 a year. yet, the bill is funded by half a trillion dollars in taxes on medical device companies, drug companies, hospitals, healthcare providers and insurance policies all of those costs will be passed on to people who make less than $250,000 a year and more than $250,000 a year and happen to be sick. a lot of sick people, people who need a medical device or drug, a lot of those people make less than $250,000 a year. >> well, what's so disheartening to he me, karl, is you i really want the american people who are sick to get access to medical care. i really do. and to put a bum program up, all it does is sets us back so much further. we really did need to do something about our healthcare system. people are hurting in this country and we needed to fix it but having a bum solution is almost one of the worst things you can do because now it sets us back. >> i tried to sign on to just before i came and nine minutes after the last hour the system is down
of stuff that you have to supply to the irs to try to get tax exempt the fec had asked for information about these groups. and they specifically asked public information. they were not asking for anything private. there was in note from the fec about a group called the american future fund. and the fec official wrote if the irs has granted this group's exemption, would it be possible for you to send me the publicly available information and documents related to it. >> i mean,. >> this is so outrageous. i mean, beyond --ean, this happened in february of 2009. and these are emails, i mean, it's not like this is -- like a big mystery at this point. these are her emails to the fec? >> right. >> is she being looked at or investigated for criminal prosecution? it's not legal to send that information. i mean, enough is enough. at some point, you know, someone ought to take a look at this. >> we don't know what, if anything, prosecutors are doing right now. they don't come out and announce it usually when they are starting these kinds of investigations. this stuff is clearly illegal. >> we hav
,500 a year. and so your tax credit was wildly miscalculated. >> no you are going to get sticker shot and not get the subsidy you thought in the beginning. with the web site fixed? easy rich in the switch and they put in your annual income and not your monthly income? has it been corrected at least now, the state exchange? >> they have corrected this problem. after about three weeks of operation, finally the folks that were doing the it work, they finally managed to catch this one. they corrected the program and the 25th of october they announced the problem publicly. so now what they are doing is notifying everybody who signed up for one of those insurance policies during the first 23 days that if they thought that they were getting a great big discount they might want to check again. >> eric, do you have any idea the numbers in terms of his -- the medicate signup vest us is the people signing up and paying for insurance. do you have those numbers yet? >> as of last week, i believe and this might be approximate here, it was 42,000 people who had signed up for medicaid and about 8,000
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)